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First Anti-seismic Structural Glass Wall

First wall in structural glass bent to the outside without glues with high
anti-seismic performance.

INWALL is the innovative proposal of VetroIn that dematerialises the concept of classic wall as a space divider, promoting a transparent partition that maintains communication between the environments. The INWALL structural glass wall is characterised by solidity and stability and ensures excellent acoustic qualities. INWALL blends the design and taste of Made in Italy with the important anti-seismic performance, making the VetroIn glass partition wall safe and reliable.

INWALL is a unique wall system in terms of design, precision and anti-seismic safety that presents itself as an icon of the evolution of glazed partitions.

The INWALL structural glass wall is based on innovative patented systems that combine the style of the architectural feature with the rigour of engineering planning.

The slabs are aligned flush on the outer edges, without visible containment profiles or adhesives. The absence of the gluing element, replaced by a patented proprietary fixing,

allows the glass to be flush with the outside. Stability and durability are guaranteed by innovative interlocking connections and invisible mechanisms, such as the leveller and the compensator.

The first one guarantees the structural hold and the micrometric regulation, while the second one absorbs the structural settlements of the building and the stresses in the seismic phase. The structural glass wall defines the spaces combining the atmospheres and expanding the environment.

The transparent partition allows light to filter through, which then also becomes a design, design and furnishing element. The observer’s gaze goes beyond the glass and captures every element that contributes to defining the style of the work environment.



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- INWALL – Glass 6.6.1:46 db
- SAMPLE SIZE: 360x300



Safety regulations are becoming increasingly stringent in the design field. INWALL is the solution that combines safety and design.

The anti-seismic wall in VetroIn structural glass combines the excellent results achieved by the stratified structural glass with an innovative mechanical system of structural fixing and constant compensation, which reasons in terms of adaptability in the installation phase and of high performance in anti-seismic field.


“The capacity of non-structural elements, including any structural elements that support and connect them, to each other and to the main structure, must be greater than the seismic demand corresponding to each of the limit states to be considered. Site is the task of the building designer to identify the demand and design its capacity according to formulations of proven validity and it is the job of the construction manager to verify its correct execution, whereas when the non-structural element is assembled on site, it is up to the designer of the structure to identify the application, it is the responsibility of the supplier and/or installer to provide elements and connection systems of adequate capacity and it is the job of the construction manager to verify its correct assembly.”

- [Technical Standards for Construction – update DM January 17, 2018 – Superior Council of Public Works].

INWALL, with its requirements of high seismic resistance, is the most effective system that combines architectural design and maximum compliance with the Technical Standards for Construction. INWALL is the answer to the increasing level of safety requirements for buildings and for the non-structural elements that compose them: an elegant and technologically advanced partition.


Impact resistance test on INWALL glass partition walls by means of an automatically operated pneumatic piston on which a 1m bar is installed.

- 200 kg/ml - IW1 Wall with asymmetrical glass
- 300 kg/ml - IW2 Wall with double glass


VetroIn has carried out numerous tests to verify the soundproofing qualities of the IW2 double glazed INWALL walls. The results expressed excellent performance, both for continuous walls and for those with doors. In several cases the results were clearly superior to the standard, obtaining, as in the case of the test carried out on double glass with doors, values up to RW=46 dB.



Glass wall: The glazed modules consist of a stratified safety slab in a standard thickness of 6.6 mm, with high noise reduction.


Wall with double glass: The glazed modules consist of two pairs of stratified safety slabs in standard thickness 6.6, with high noise reduction.


Blind wall: It is made of melamine-faced chipboard panels on both sides with melamine paper, perimetrically finished with ABS edges, sp = 10/10 mm.


Acoustic wall:The acoustic modules consist of metallic micro-perforated panels, painted with epoxy powders, equipped with sealing TNT and different absorbent or soundproofing materials, which increase both the absorption and the noise reduction in a diversified manner.

For each model, the company offers sliding and hinged doors, with single and double doors, with handles featuring an exclusive VetroIn design. The INWALL doors are part integrated in the system, developed at full height.

The doors are framed with aluminium profiles that can be harmonised with the materials, which can accommodate a built-in door closer in the upper part and an acoustic guillotine in the lower part.




Thirty-eight tests on a vibrating table at the lLboratory of the Department of Structures for Engineering and Architecture of the Federico II University.

12 M/SEC²

Resistance attested to stresses up to a PGA of 12 m/sec², equal to a dramatic intensity seismic event.


The technical solutions of INWALL confirm the absence of significant damage to the structural glass.


The highly anti-seismic performance of INWALL is ensured by the innovative internal structure of this structural glass wall.

The spring pusher integrated in the upper profile allows a finer adjustment to the top profiles during assembly. Subsequently, it acts as a shock absorber with respect to structural settlements and seismic stresses having a possibility of travel.

It allows the micrometric adjustment during installation, compensating with maximum precision the floors out of floors.

Allows fixing without the use of adhesives. It is a coextruded connection with a patented stabilising function, which is inserted under pressure in the special recess in the INWALL sheet, glass or panel: it is the expansion generated by this coupling that makes the bond between the connector itself and the slab stable.

It engages in the special groove of the slab, guaranteeing a lasting seal without the need for adhesives. During assembly it acts as a sliding guide and load distributor, allowing balancing in all conditions.

It is a structural PVC transparent seal that is inserted between the slabs disappearing between the glass. Running for all the height of the elements, it ensures sealing and coplanarity. Allows a mechanical seal without the use of adhesive.

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